Verus Anti-Cheat

The reliable anti-cheat solution that doesn't require sacrificing performance.


About Verus

Verus is an advanced packet based anticheat, made to perform at any player count, on any server version between 1.7 and 1.16.5, without any performance overhead. Verus mainly operates on the netty thread(s), by doing this we're not putting any unnecessary load onto the main thread. Verus is compatible with any plugin, as it operates at the packet level, and tracks all essential incoming and outcoming packets.


Concurrent Players


Active Servers



Lifetime Guarantee

One time payment, no extra monthly fees involved.


Handle thousands of players on a single instance with absolutely no overhead

Secure Authentication

Secure access to our authentication servers.

Advanced Logging System

Lookup player bans and logs via MongoDB/MySQL.

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Join our discord and make a ticket, using !ticket (reason), for support or to request to test Verus.