Gaz'Haragoth Raid:

✔ Note: A totally unique system where the leader can bet money, enable/disable specific runes, specific spells, choose the maximum amount of players for each team, enable/disable anti-push very fast (bot cases), delay to pull ssa/rings, max level allowed, frag limit, enable/disable new arrows, enable/disable poison runes, enable/disable runes/ammunitions infinites (potions not included), choose how many seconds exhausted for WPE, enable/disable new potions, enable/disable critical hits, mana/hp leech, choose between several cities, duration of war and much more! The system will have a private channel where all frags will be counted.

  • !citywar invite, guild
  • !citywar enter
  • !citywar accept
  • !citywar cancel (if the war is already in progress, who cancels loses the money wagered)
  • !citywar end (if the war is already in progress, the canceler loses the money wagered)

  • [Observations]
    ✔ Note: If there are at least 3 frags of your team or enemy team and it is not past 01:00 war time, it cannot be canceled. In other words, it can only be canceled if it has less than 3 frags or if it is past 1:00 pm. If a leader cancels an ongoing war, his guild will lose money wagered (if you have wagered) and the money goes to the enemy guild, this rule does not apply to cancellation in less than 3 minutes.
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    1- Haxixe Fullexp
    1486, Master Sorcerer
    2- Ragnarr Lodbrock
    2466, Elite Knight
    3- Roogang The Killer
    3459, Royal Paladin
    4- Dudu Tankzor
    419, Elite Knight
    5- Beto
    416, Elite Knight
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