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Here you will find answers to the most varied questions you may have about our server, such as systems, events and other things in general. If you have a question that you think is important to answer here, send us a message on our fanpage at Facebook, after our team assesses the importance of your question, it will be posted here and may help other players.

  • Coins

  • What are coins?
    Coins are needed to shop in the ingame Store.

    o What can be purchased in the Store with Coins?

    Premium Time Mounts Outfits House Decoration
    Extra Services: Sex Change, Name Change, (Express) Character World Transfer
    Blessings Runes Potions & Kegs XP Boosts
    Useful Things (e.g. Gold Converter, Bonus Reroll, Temple Teleport)

    Note that casks can only be purchased with Coins.

    • Coins can be purchased in the Shop.
  • Account

  • Lost Password

    Password Lost (Access to Email)

    If you need a new password, we can send you a link to request a new one.

    Follow these steps, to request a new password:

    1. Use the Lost Account Interface to request a new password. Enter the character name of the affected account.
    2. Select "I have forgotten my password".
    3. Enter the email address of the affected account.
    4. Once you have submitted your request, we will send you an email with further instructions to the email address assigned to your Tibia account.
    5. Click on the link provided in the email to get a new password.
      If you do not log in with your new password within 24 hours, the password will be reset at the next server save to the old password. In this case, you can simply request a new password again.

     If you do not receive our email, please check the following:

    • Do you have enough space in your mailbox?
    • Check your spam filter and see if it identifies our emails as spam and blocks it.
    • Check your junk box -> If you find it there, mark it as "No junk" or "No spam".
  • Client 12

  • Client 12 does not open? Error OpenGL?

    Follow the steps below:

    • 1- Close the client
    • 2- Open file \/conf\/clientoptions.json with any text edit
    • 3- Search (Ctrl + F) for renderer, which will be followed by a number (ex: "renderer": 0)
    • 4- Change the number to a value between 0 and 5, where:

    0 = AutoSelect
    1 = OpenGL
    3 = Software
    4 = DirectX (Compatibility)
    5 = DirectX (Performance)
    5) Save the file (Ctrl + S) and try open the client again.

  • How to import my old minimaps?
    Copy entire folder contents \packages\Tibia\minimap and paste it into the new client folder.
  • How to import my old conf?
    Copy entire folder contents \packages\Tibia\conf and paste it into the new client folder.
  • How to disable on-screen loot messages?

    Follow the steps below:

    • 1- Go to options.
    • 2- Click on the box show advanced options
    • 3- Interface → Game Window
    • 4- Unmark Show messages

    You will not see messages from loots, spells or public/private messages in the game window.

  • How to Decrease SPF?

    Follow the steps below:

    • 1- Options ->Graphics ->Antialising Mode: Smooth Retro
    • 2- V-Sync (Mark) - No Frame Rate Limit (Mark)
    • 3- Effects ->Show Light Effects (Mark)
    • 3- Effects ->Ambient Light: 25% Level Separator: 80% Clouds: 50%

    The tips above were not effective? There is something else to do:
    • 4- Game Window ->Show Textual Effects (Unmark)

  • Problem starting (boost:interprocess_exception:library_error)
    Just delete the directory
  • How to disable PvP Squares?
    Options -> Game Windows -> Show PvP Frames (only client 12)
  • Quick Looting

  • Quick Looting Client 12.

    Just right click on your Backpack and choose "Manage Loot Containers", configure to your liking.

    • 1- Unassigned Loot -> loots without category.
    • 2- Use main container as fallback -> use main container when others are full.
    • 3- Stash Retrieve -> backpack in which items in your Supply Stash will retrieve.

    The rest of the settings are already clear in the Quick Looting interface.

  • Quick Looting Client 10.

    Type !autoloot open and configure to your liking.

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