Gaz'Haragoth Raid:

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There are currently 58 change logs.

14.01.2020New rate Loot system, 2x normal monsters and 4x Bosses.
14.01.2020Added new cast commands (kick, ban, mute, unban, unmute, list), !cast help to show the available commands.
13.01.2020Only owners and sub-owners can move players while training inside houses.
13.01.2020Warning system removed.
13.01.2020Some raids became random.
13.01.2020New vocation on rookgaard (RookSlayer) level 50+
13.01.2020New command to enable/disable quickloot !quickloot on/off
6.01.2020We added training items as a reward in the daily reward system.
5.01.2020Upon entering the trainer's teleport, the player will be teleported directly to an empty trainer.
3.01.2020Damage from Elemental weapons has been fixed, spell example (exori mas)
3.01.2020Some rules has been changed:
3.01.2020Charges of Magma and Terra Amulet has been fixed.
2.01.2020Now you need key 0303 to open a specific door on Cobra Bastion.
2.01.2020Now you need key 0909 to open two specific doors on Falcon Bastion.
2.01.2020Scarlett Etzel has been fixed.
31.12.2019The boss mechanics of Soul of Dragonking Zyrtarch has been fixed, now the player must kill the Corrupted Souls on top of each other to open red vortex
30.12.2019Respawn time for Falcons mini-bosses has been decreased from 15 minutes to 8 minutes.
30.12.2019House SubOwners (aleta som) can now Move, Rotate and Wrap items.
29.12.2019The pilasters mechanics of the Scarlett Etzel has been fixed.
29.12.2019We fixed a bug on an item that was causing the player to teleport near warzone.
28.12.2019Imbue system has been fixed (leech).
18.12.2019Prey price has been changed to 150gps*level.
15.12.2019Fixed damage and spells of Falcon monsters.
15.12.2019Mercadopago method has been fixed (donation).
13.12.2019Scarlett Etzel has been fixed (loot).
13.12.2019Decay time of shemale corpse has been fixed.
13.12.2019Mechanic of The Red Knight has been fixed.
13.12.2019Added the new house Stronghold in Edron.
13.12.2019Elemental damages (imbuements) has been fixed, the changes will take effect after 14th server save.
13.12.2019The beds has been fixed, not disappear anymore after server save.
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1- Haxixe Fullexp
1541, Master Sorcerer
2- Sputnik Kvass
2518, Elite Knight
3- Ramsi
3483, Elite Knight
4- Choraozinho
478, Elite Knight
5- Lord'knight
470, Elite Knight
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