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There are currently 27 change logs.

11.12.2019Added Payoneer as payment method.
11.12.2019Added Dream Matter for sale in store.
11.12.2019Added delay into bucket full of mortar to obtain clusters of solace.
9.12.2019You can now do the npc Dream Butterfly tasks and get clusters of solace.
8.12.2019Inbued items will not decay inside protection zones anymore.
8.12.2019Exhaust of some Special Foods has been fixed.
8.12.2019Damage from library monsters has been diminished.
8.12.2019Blessed Steak exhaust has been fixed.
19.11.2019We made an adjustment on New summons spells, changed cooldown from 1800 seconds to 900 seconds.
16.11.2019Some npcs of magic carpets have been fixed, to travel to Issavi.
16.11.2019Memorial fixed.
15.11.2019Added option to remove ban from players, the cost is 20 coins.
14.11.2019Chondur NPC added on north-east of rookgaard (to make Stampor Mount).
14.11.2019We made an adjustment on Serpent Spawn loot and fixed bug of old parchment.
11.11.2019Walls roshamuul fixed, you can now use Mouthpiece for a Horn to earn Inquisitions Gold and get clusters.
11.11.2019We made an adjustment on paralyze rune.
10.11.2019Urmahlullu the Weakened loot revised, added more than 7 missing items.
10.11.2019More than 20 bugs reporteds on ctrl+z has been fixed today.
10.11.2019We made an adjustment on mountain blessings, npc Kais and Nomad.
9.11.2019We made an adjustment to increase EK skills when using exercise items.
9.11.2019Added Horn of Critical in the Store Shop for Paladins and Winterberry Liquor of Critical is now just for druids, sorcerersand knights.
8.11.2019The route has been fixed for a hunt south-west, at Kilmaresh (there was an overgrown bush).
6.11.2019The npc Trader now buys Suspicious Device for 5k each.
5.11.2019Revised loot and mechanics of monsters: Cult Believer, Cult Enforcer and Cult Scholar.
4.11.2019Adjustment in the price of blessings, before the final price was 130k and now it is 100k.
3.11.2019Fixed a very rare debbug in client 12 (diagonal movements).
26.10.2019Edited and added some offers on Free Shop.
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Train Skills Offline!

1- Haxixe Fullexp
1486, Master Sorcerer
2- Ragnarr Lodbrock
2467, Elite Knight
3- Roogang The Killer
3459, Royal Paladin
4- Dudu Tankzor
421, Elite Knight
5- Beto
416, Elite Knight
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