Gaz'Haragoth Raid:

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Players Live: 0

A list of the players who are broadcasting will be displayed, so pick one and click to enter. Once you have entered the players cast, you can interact with him using Spectator Chat, a chat where you can talk to the player and other viewers.

Casters will earn +2% of XP bonus while casting without password.

  • Watching Casts

    [Client 12]: To watch, the player must type in account name the word cast, and if the cast has a password you must type in account cast and below the Password.
    [Client 10]: Just enter the game without typing anything except in cases where the caster has entered password, in these cases just enter the password in the Password field.

    If you are a player and want to stream your game, enter your character and use the command !cast, if you want to put a password on your cast type the command !cast joao123, the word "joao123" will be your cast password.

    Live Characters
    Outfit Name Spectators Locked
    No streamers at the moment.
  • Monster Pedestal Box

    Train Skills Offline!

    1- Haxixe Fullexp
    1541, Master Sorcerer
    2- Sputnik Kvass
    2518, Elite Knight
    3- Ramsi
    3483, Elite Knight
    4- Choraozinho
    478, Elite Knight
    5- Lord'knight
    470, Elite Knight
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