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Capture The Flag Event Info
capture the flag
The event is automatic and occurs every Sunday at 20:00 [BR TIME]
A teleport will open in the Thais depot and remain open for 10 minutes.
The system will balance teams automatically.
If the final number of players within the event is odd, the system will expel the last player who joined the event.
When the 10 minutes has passed the teleport will close and the event will begin.
They will be formed by two teams, the "Team A (red)" and the "Team B (blue)".
How works? The purpose of this event is to capture 10 enemy flags. Team blue and red have to go to the enemy base, capture the flag and return to their base, thus making 1 point. Only one player from each team can carry the flag.
REWARD: 01 hour of stamina, 700k and 5 scroll of online points (to buy on Free Shop)..
Note: When you die in the event you lose nothing (skill, level or loot).
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1- Haxixe Fullexp
1486, Master Sorcerer
2- Ragnarr Lodbrock
2466, Elite Knight
3- Roogang The Killer
3459, Royal Paladin
4- Dudu Tankzor
419, Elite Knight
5- Beto
416, Elite Knight
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